Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant. It reduces oxidative stress, helps to decrease inflammation, boosts your immune system and plays an important role in many other functions. Consider a Vitamin C infusion if you are dealing with the effects of chemotherapy, allergies, fighting a viral infection, have a high inflammation marker like CRP, or healing a wound. Max dose is 10G unless we have a normal G6PD result on file, which we can draw with your first infusion.

Add 10G of Vit C to any infusion.

This infusion is designed to make your skin glow and your hair and nails grow. Includes Vitamin C, B-Complex, Biotin, and Glutathione

SPECIAL ORDER: Please book one week in advance

Magnesium does all the heavy lifting in this infusion to get you breathing better during an asthma flare-up. Fun fact – Magnesium is so well-studied in asthma that most ER departments give a magnesium infusion in addition to nebulizers and steroids. If your flare-up is mild to moderate or you want to prevent a flare-up, schedule with us. If your flare-up is severe, please go to the emergency room.

Toradol Injection- Unless you have an NSAID sensitivity or allergy, a simple toradol shot is a great place to start when treating migraines. Your migraine should start to resolve within 30 minutes.

High Dose Magnesium Infusion with Hydration — Magnesium is a well-known migraine buster.

(SPG) Sphenopalantine Ganglion Block — The “SPG” is a bundle of nerve fibers often blamed as a source of migraines. This bundle is accessible deep inside our nose. We use a specialty device designed to precisely administer lidocaine to these nerves BLOCKING the migraine almost instantly.

This drip is specially formulated to calm symptoms and boost a wonky immune system. If your symptoms are severe, you can add on Benadryl for $12. You need to bring someone to drive you home though, because you will be VERY SLEEPY.

Stand-Alone Benadryl injection $23

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