IV Nutrients

Even if you eat healthy, nutrients can be hit or miss in the food we eat due to depleted soil conditions. Also, if you have any digestion problems, this also reduced your nutrient absorption.

IV Nutrients Infusions are a great way give yourself a nutrient boost straight to the system. Whether you want an infusion or a quick injection, give us a call or click below for easy online scheduling.
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Table of Contents

Basic Nutrients Infusions


High-Dose Magnesium

Magnesium is a well-known migraine buster.

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant. It reduces oxidative stress, helps to decrease inflammation, boosts your immune system and plays an important role in many other functions. Consider a Vitamin C infusion if you are dealing with the effects of chemotherapy, allergies, fighting a viral infection, have a high inflammation marker like CRP, or healing a wound. Max dose is 10G unless we have a normal G6PD result on file, which we can draw with your first infusion.

  • 10G Mini-C -$115
  • 15G Vitamin C – $135
  • 25G Vitamin C inc hydration – $165
  • 50g Vitamin C inc hydration – $215
  • 75G Vitamin C inc hydration – $325
  • 100G Vitamin C inc hydration – $410
  • Vitamin C Level (Lab) Test Code 929 – $79

Add 10G of Vit C to any infusion.

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The Basics – Myers

Nutrient Intravenous (IV) therapy has multiple uses. From Asthma and Migraines, to Fatigue and Sports performance, Myers Cocktail might be the answer. If you are feeling rundown or just haven’t been great to yourself lately, this is the infusion for you.

This IV nutrients infusion consists of hydration, Vitamin C, B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, Magnesium and Calcium.

Dr Myers started it all in the 1980s. Since then, his cocktail has been infused worldwide, thousands perhaps millions of times.

FREQUENCY: Weekly to Monthly

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The Day After – Hangover

If you overdid it the night before, we have the right sauce for you. Our Day After Infusion includes Lactated Ringers (electrolytes) and B-Complex (alcohol depletes thiamine levels).

You can add-on Toradol for that pounding headache and/or Zofran for that awful nausea.

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The Oasis – Hydration

Water is your body’s most vital element. We love our high-desert climate, but it sure is hard to stay hydrated. The Oasis is great for post-stomach bugs, “touch of altitude sickness”, before or after a night out and whenever you are just feeling a little dry.

Compared to oral intake of fluids, intravenous fluids are rapidly absorbed and 100% biovailable. If you’re moderately to severely dehydrated for any reason, book an appointment ASAP.

If you are hung-over, check out our Day After Infusion.

Hydration can be added to any infusion. This does not apply to injections or IV pushes.

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Immunity Booster

The Immunity Booster includes hydration and has lots of Vitamin C and Zinc. During periods of increased illness whether its COVID, flu season, back to school or travel, we recommend this infusion weekly.

This infusion includes a free high-dose B12 to give you a little post-infusion energy boost.

FREQUENCY: Weekly to Monthly

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Energy & Fatigue

$61 - $205

Rocket Booster for Energy

The Rocket Booster is specially formulated to kick fatigue’s butt and recharge your batteries. We start with 5-10cc of Alpha Lipoic Acid and chase that with a B12 and Glutathione push. Even our toughest fatigue cases, report they feel better.

Frequency: The effects usually wear off every 3days at first because your system is depleted. After a few rounds, most people can space the infusions out to weekly and even monthly. You can also just get a boost anytime you need that little extra.

  • 5cc – $64
  • 10cc – $77
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$125 - $195

Ala Carte – Alpha Lipoic Acid / Poly MVA

Poly MVA is our version of Alpha Lipoic Acid Powered Up. The ingredients found in Poly-MVA include alpha lipoic acid, vitamins B1, B2, B12, molybdenum, n-acetyl cysteine and methionine. This product is sometimes referred to as a “metallo-vitamin”. There is nothing else like it on the market. The powerful anti-oxidant, lipoic acid is connected to an electrically charged substrate and mixed with B-vitamins. This combination allows this product to easily and safely travel throughout the body. It can even cross the blood-brain barrier. Get started combating oxidative stress today!

FREQUENCY: Weekly injections are recommended for ongoing results.

Alpha Lipoic Acid – $125.00 – $195.00/ea

Poly MVA – $58.00 – $189.00/ea

Can be added to any infusion. Does not apply to injections.

  • 5cc Poly-MVA -$58
  • 10cc Poly-MVA -$72
  • 20cc Poly-MVA – $139
  • 40cc Poly-MVA – $189
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Ala Carte – Glutathione

Glutathione, or GSH, has been named one of the most amazing natural protective substances ever discovered. It makes your skin glow and your cells sing. All the cells in your body make this molecule and nearly every body system is affected by your levels of GSH. It acts to remove xenobiotics such as: heavy metals, cancer cells; and organic and inorganic compounds inside your cells. Glutathione is manufactured by the body, but the rate of formation is limited…meaning the factory can only produce a set amount.

Our modern-day oxidative stress load and toxic burden, frequently overwhelms our glutathione levels and we end up with high oxidative stress levels or low glutathione levels or both. Glutathione is not absorbed orally. Taking N-acetyl cysteine is helpful to make sure you have enough substrate to maximize glutathione production. However, even a maximized rate of production is often not enough to keep up with the rate of utilization.

Glutathione intravenously has 100% absorption and is well-tolerated. Glutathione can be scheduled as a stand alone IV push or added to any infusion. Also, your Glutathione levels and Oxidative Stress markers can be measured. Just ask us how.

FREQUENCY: Weekly injections are recommended for ongoing results.

  • 600mg – $33
  • 1000mg – $39
  • 1200mg – $43
  • 1400mg – $47
  • 1600mg – $48
  • 2000mg – $49
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Antioxidant Express

This quick infusion is two quick pushes of Poly MVA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) and Glutathione. If you are short on time or cash, consider the express.

FREQUENCY: Weekly is optimal

PRO DRIP TIP: If you drink more than 10drinks per week, add B-Complex to your infusion.

Ala-carte Antioxidants are available, but we recommend combos for best results.

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Antioxidant Deluxe

Our Antioxidant Deluxe starts with Vitamin C and hydration, followed by two more powerhouse antioxidants glutathione and Poly-MVA (Alpha Lipoic Acid)..cause your liver needs a hug too.

FREQUENCY: Monthly. Weekly infusions are recommended during stressful periods or if you have been told your inflammation markers are elevated.

PRO DRIP TIP: If you drink more than 10drinks per week, add B-Complex to your infusion.

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Specific Conditions


Glow and Grow

This infusion is designed to make your skin glow and your hair and nails grow. Includes Vitamin C, B-Complex, Biotin, and Glutathione

SPECIAL ORDER: Please book one week in advance

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Magnesium does all the heavy lifting in this infusion to get you breathing better during an asthma flare-up. Fun fact – Magnesium is so well-studied in asthma that most ER departments give a magnesium infusion in addition to nebulizers and steroids. If your flare-up is mild to moderate or you want to prevent a flare-up, schedule with us. If your flare-up is severe, please go to the emergency room.

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Sinusitis, Itching, & Allergies

This drip is specially formulated to calm symptoms and boost a wonky immune system. If your symptoms are severe, you can add on Benadryl for $12. You need to bring someone to drive you home though, because you will be VERY SLEEPY.

Stand-Alone Benadryl injection $23

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Migraines & Headaches

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Nutritional Lab Tests

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Specialty Products



Peptides are like proteins, but smaller. The formal definition is “two or more amino acids linked in a chain”. The lines are a little blurry, but peptides are typically 2-49 linked amino acids and proteins are 50+. Insulin is a peptide hormone and the first peptide developed/discovered.

Currently the most popular uses of peptides are to stimulate collagen production, sleep, anti-aging properties, muscle growth, immune support, and neurologic support.

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