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Toradol Injection- Unless you have an NSAID sensitivity or allergy, a simple toradol shot is a great place to start when treating migraines. Your migraine should start to resolve within 30 minutes.

High Dose Magnesium Infusion with Hydration — Magnesium is a well-known migraine buster.

(SPG) Sphenopalantine Ganglion Block — The “SPG” is a bundle of nerve fibers often blamed as a source of migraines. This bundle is accessible deep inside our nose. We use a specialty device designed to precisely administer lidocaine to these nerves BLOCKING the migraine almost instantly.

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Food Sensitivity Testing


  • Delayed food sensitivities are a very common trigger of migraines. Simply avoiding trigger foods can reduce or eliminate migraines.

  • The challenge is figuring out which foods are the culprit. Unlike true food allergies that cause dramatic reactions almost instantly, food sensitivity reactions are mild to moderate and delayed. Because of this it is nearly impossible to figure out which foods to avoid.

  • We utilize a specialty two-step food sensitivity test that measures antibodies AND whether exposure to those foods actually cause a blood response. This second step is extremely important in improving test accuracy. This keeps you from avoiding foods that really don't cause a problem.

  • Our test measures 176 different foods, coloring and additives. This test is sometimes referred to as a Food Inflammation Test or FIT.

  • (This test includes the blood draw, specimen processing, lab fee, and a copy of the results. The test does not include an appointment with a provider.)

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Migraines can be debilitating. There are great oral and home-use treatments, but what happens when those don’t work? We offer multiple fast acting acute migraine treatment options. These treatments include IV Ketamine infusions, Sphenopalantine Ganglion (SPG) Blocks, Toradol injections and IV micro-nutrient therapy (Magnesium and B-vitamin infusions). Depending on what you have tried in the past and what works, will determine the best treatment course. Our typical order of treatments are magnesium infusion, Toradol shot, SPG block then a ketamine infusion. If a treatment is effective we stop there and repeat that treatment for future migraines and only progress if needed.
Sphenopalantine Ganglion (SPG) Blocks are a novel way to treat acute migraines. The treatment involves using a special device with a thin flexible catheter to spray lidocaine onto the SPG (in the back of the back of the nose).
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