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    Our Process

    Hormones are like the conductor of an orchestra. And if your hormones are out of whack, they make noise instead of music.  But hormone balancing and  replacement can get you back into tune.  

    There are so many things to consider with hormone replacement, so here are a few important things about our clinic. 

    1. We replace hormones through a balanced, conservative approach.  This means we aim to maintain hormone levels at the high end of normal.  This approach optimizes benefits while limiting the risks of over-replacement.
    2. Our nurse practitioners are trained on advanced hormone analysis.  This helps them make decisions that optimize you and make root cause educated decisions to if you experience side effects.
    3. We utilize compounded bioidentical hormone pellets manufactured by a highly regulated outsourcing pharmacy.  This special type of pharmacy is regulated by the FDA and they are held to strict standards.
    4. We do not participate in any commercial hormone replacement programs.  These programs siphon money leading to higher prices.  The truth is there are only a few specialized compounding pharmacies that make hormone pellets.  There is nothing magical about the branded pellets.
    5.  We offer advanced hormone testing. This testing isn't required, but it shows how you metabolize hormones.  This information is an excellent way to reduce risks related to hormone replacement.
    6. We offer pellets for non-members.  Members receive comprehensive primary care and have the additional options of topical or vaginal.  Members also receive pellet insertion discounts, if they choose that route.    


    1. We start with the free consult.  Whether you are new to hormone replacement or transferring, this is where we get to know you and answer your questions.
    2. If you decide to proceed, we will order some labs and send you some paperwork.  If you are a transferring patient, labs will be ordered on a case by case basis.
    3. Once we receive and evaluate the lab results, we will contact you with our comments and whether you are a candidate for hormone replacement.
    4. We then schedule you for your first pellet insertion.
    5. There is nothing you need to prepare for prior to the appointment, but keep in mind we don't want you to shower until the next day.  We also recommend no weight lifting and no baths/hot tubs for a few days 
    6. During your pellet insertion, we mark the insertion area on the back fleshy part of your hip.  We then numb the area.  After confirming that you are number, we insert the pellet.  You will have a tiny incision about 1/4" long that we close with steri-strips and cover with a bandage.
    7. Most people experience slight, local discomfort for 1-3 days.  After 5-7 days they can remove the steri-strips.
    8. If you are new or we have made dose adjustments, we will order peak levels at six weeks.
    9. If you experience side effects, we make it easy to contact us so we can best support you.

    Hormone replacement can be oral, topical, vaginal, injection, and subcutaneous (pellets).  We do not offer troches because a large percentage of the hormones become oral.  Oral hormones must go thru first pass metabolism and the metabolites are proven to be quite dangerous, including increased risk of blood clots and stroke.  We also do not offer testosterone injections.  The risks of testosterone are mostly associated with peak levels.  Injected testosterone peaks every week.  A pellet peaks every 3-4 months.  

    We know you have many choices for hormone replacement and finding the clinic that matches your needs can be challenging.   We hope this information helps you make a decision.  

    You can get started by meeting with our nurse practitioner to evaluate whether hormone replacement / pellets might be a good fit for you.

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      Hormone Pellets

      Already a client?  Use our scheduling link to schedule your next hormone pellet insertion.

      Our hormone pellet program is customized to your needs. Our pellets are yam based and meet the highest standards available. We offer testosterone, anastrazole, estradiol and progesterone pellets in a variety of doses.

      Female pellets ~ $310 - $349
      Male pellets ~ $435 - $565


    Frequently Asked Questions About Hormones


    Hormone pellets are small, cylindrical pellets that contain hormones such as testosterone or estrogen. First time patients should speak with an ABQ healthcare provider to learn if they are a candidate for hormone replacement and hormone pellets.

    Hormone pellets are inserted just under the skin and release a consistent dose of hormones into the body over a period of several months.

    Hormone pellets are available in testosterone,estrogen, progesterone and anastrozole.

    Hormone pellets typically last for 3-4 months in women and 4-5 months in men.

    Some potential benefits of hormone pellet therapy include improved energy and libido, better mood and mental clarity, and improved sleep and bone density. The benefits of pellets in comparison to other hormone replacement routes is bypassing the first-pass effect and consistent levels with less peaks and valleys of hormone levels. .

    • Hormone replacement pellet therapy is generally considered safe for most people.
    • It is important to be assessed and screened for safety by an experienced and trained healthcare professional.

    The hormone pellet insertion procedure is performed in our office. Our specially trained nurse practitioner will numb the injection site which will often be the hip area or in the lower abdomen. A small incision is made and a special device is inserted to insert the pellets. The small incision is then closed with steri-strips.

    The number of pellets are based on your recommended dose. The dose is based on gender, symptoms, and baseline and peak levels. The number of hormone pellets ranges between 1-8.

    • Our process makes the procedure as comfortable as possible. We use a tiny needle to number the site and we utilize a medication to reduce/eliminate the initial sting of the numbing agent.
    • The insertion site is mildly tender for 3-5 days. Most people are not bothered by this.

    The hormone pellet insertion procedure typically takes just a few minutes to complete.

    • There are some potential risks and side effects associated with hormone pellet therapy, including skin irritation at the injection site and a small risk of infection along with the potential for acne. Some women may also experience spotting and breast tenderness.
    • Many side effects are managed through careful, appropriate dosing and monitoring of hormone levels.
    • We also utilize aromatase inhibitor pellets. This pellet blocks the conversion of testosterone into estrogen which is a major concern with men receiving testosterone replacement pellets.
    • In addition, we utilize progesterone pellets for women receiving estrogen replacement for menopause. Because of uterine cancer risk, estrogen should never be replaced without also replacing progesterone. Our progesterone pellet removes the extra step and expense of having to also take or apply progesterone.
    • Hormone pellets can be used to treat menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and low libido. It can also be used to treat other symptoms experienced with menopause such as fatigue, night sweats, and decreased energy.
    • We have even found that pellets are effective even when other routes of hormone replacement have not been effective in reducing menopausal symptoms.

    Hormone testosterone pellets can be used to treat low testosterone in men and pellets are a popular route for testosterone replacement therapy.

    • Hormone pellets can be used to treat low testosterone in women.
    • Women find testosterone replacement to have profound effects on their libido and ability to manage weight.
    • Although men do produce estrogen throughout their lives in much lower amounts than women, low estrogen is not a concern.
    • Because testosterone can “aromatize” into estrogen, we do monitor estrogen levels in men. “Aromatization” is a common cause of breast tissue in men. This phenomenon is well-known in body building circles, but can occur in anyone.
    • Therefore, estrogen hormone pellets are not used in men.
    • Most menopausal symptoms are caused by the decline in estrogen levels. Declining estrogen levels not only cause hot flashes and night sweats, they also increase cardiovascular risk and osteoporosis risk in women.
    • The decline in estrogen levels can be felt as long as ten years before menopause actually occurs.
    • Hormone estrogen replacement pellets are extremely effective in managing menopausal symptoms among many other benefits.

    Hormone pellets typically need to be replaced every 3-4 months in women and every 4-5 months in men. Patients will often notice themselves when it’s time to have a pellet replacement because their symptoms will start to return.

    • Improvements are noted within 1-3 days.
    • Full effectiveness is generally experienced within 5 days.

    Although some forms of the hormones estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone are FDA approved and covered by insurance in some doses, forms, and circumstances, pellets are not covered by insurance.

    • During our free hormone pellet therapy consultation, our healthcare provider reviews your symptoms, history and risks.
    • If you appear to be a candidate and wish to proceed, baseline blood tests are ordered.
    • Once baseline labs are received, the final determination is made. This determination balances your symptoms, age, risks and potential benefits of hormone replacement therapy.

    Our Albuquerque Hormone Pellet Location: A Google Map Guide

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