Why Microneedling in ABQ is Better Than Laser

Last updated: August 31, 2023
Why Microneedling in ABQ is Better Than Laser img

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.– Not sure whether you should go for laser therapy or microneedling in ABQ? Let’s examine the two procedures closely.

The pursuit of flawless, youthful skin has led to the rise of various cosmetic procedures, each promising remarkable results. Among the popular options in Albuquerque are microneedling and laser therapy. 

Both are widely used to address skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and uneven texture. However, when it comes to skin rejuvenation, microneedling stands out as the superior choice. 

In this article, we will explore the reasons why microneedling surpasses laser therapy in achieving radiant and revitalized skin.

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Here Are the Advantages of Microneedling:

  • Proven scar reduction
  • Stimulates skin rejuvenation
  • Minimally invasive, with little to no downtime
  • Can address a wide range of skin concerns in different regions
  • Suitable for most skin types

Here Are the Advantages of Laser Therapy:

  • Has precise targeting, which is good for localized issues
  • Also non-invasive
  • Produces long-lasting results
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What Do These Two Procedures Treat?

These two procedures are both popular for combating various skin concerns. Here are some of the common skin issues addressed by each procedure:

MicroneedlingLaser Therapy
Acne ScarsPigmentation Issues
Fine Lines and WrinklesVascular Issues
Uneven Skin TextureSkin Rejuvenation
Enlarged PoresSun Damage
HyperpigmentationTattoo Removal

While they are different procedures with distinct mechanisms of action, they can both address overlapping skin concerns and deliver positive results. Here are some of the similar skin issues that both microneedling and laser therapy can treat:

Acne Scars

Both microneedling and certain types of lasers, such as the fractional laser, can reduce the appearance of acne scars. Most patients may need four to eight sessions of microneedling before they begin to see results. 

Microneedling stimulates collagen production and promotes skin regeneration, while fractional lasers are used to create controlled micro-injuries to trigger the body’s healing response and collagen remodeling.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The two procedures can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production and tightening the skin.

In addition to collagen stimulation, both can also aid in the absorption of topical skincare products, enhancing their effectiveness in tackling fine lines and promoting overall skin health. The specific treatment recommended will depend on the depth and severity of the wrinkles, as well as individual skin type and concerns.

Uneven Skin Texture

Uneven skin texture can result from a variety of factors, including acne scarring, sun damage, and poor skin cell turnover. Both work to address this concern by promoting skin renewal and improving overall texture. 

Microneedling’s controlled micro-injuries encourage the shedding of dead skin cells and the growth of new, healthy cells. Laser therapy, depending on the type used, can target the outer layer of skin to improve its texture and encourage smoother, more uniform skin.


Both procedures can target hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage, melasma, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, leading to a more even skin tone. 

Microneedling’s collagen-inducing effects promote healthy skin turnover, while lasers emit specific wavelengths of light to break down pigment, resulting in a more even and radiant complexion.

Skin Rejuvenation

Both alternatives can promote overall skin rejuvenation by stimulating collagen and elastin production, resulting in a fresher and revitalized appearance. You don’t have to worry about any downtime for recovery, and studies have found that your skin’s collagen production and overall healing process is rejuvenated for as long as two months post-treatment

Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores often result from factors like genetics, oily skin, and aging. Both options can help minimize the appearance of enlarged pores by addressing the underlying causes and promoting skin tightening. 

Microneedling’s micro-injuries stimulate collagen production and enhance the skin’s natural elasticity. This tightening effect can lead to visibly smaller pores over time.

Laser treatments, depending on the technology used, can target the sebaceous glands responsible for oil production, helping to reduce pore size and oiliness. Additionally, it encourage collagen remodeling, which contributes to firmer skin and less noticeable pores.

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Safety and Versatility

Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that uses fine needles to create controlled micro-injuries on the skin’s surface. 

Unlike laser therapy, which emits concentrated beams of light, microneedling does not cause thermal damage to the skin.

This makes it safe for all skin types, including darker skin tones. It is also suitable for sensitive areas that lasers cannot treat, such as the delicate under-eye area and neck.

Less Downtime and Comfort

Laser therapy often requires more downtime, as the skin needs time to heal from the thermal damage caused by the laser beams. In contrast, microneedling involves minimal downtime, with most patients experiencing slight redness and mild swelling for a day or two. 

Additionally, microneedling is generally more comfortable, as topical numbing agents are applied to the skin before the procedure.

Stimulates Natural Collagen Production

Microneedling’s micro-injuries stimulate the body’s natural collagen production, promoting the formation of new collagen and elastin fibers. 

This process leads to skin tightening, improved texture, and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Laser therapy may stimulate collagen production as well, but microneedling’s ability to create controlled injuries ensures a more targeted and consistent result.

Reduced Risk of Pigmentation Issues

One significant advantage of microneedling over laser therapy is its reduced risk of causing hyperpigmentation in darker skin types. 

Laser sessions can sometimes trigger excess melanin production, leading to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 

Microneedling, on the other hand, is less likely to cause pigmentation issues, making it a safer option for individuals with darker skin tones.

Customizable Sessions

Microneedling offers a high degree of customization, allowing skincare professionals to adjust the needle depth, frequency, and combination with serums or growth factors. 

This flexibility enables tailored care plans that address individual skin concerns. Laser therapy, while good for certain conditions, may not be as easily customizable as microneedling.

Can I Combine Microneedling With Laser Therapy?

Yes, combining microneedling and laser therapy is possible and can offer complementary benefits. This combination approach is known as “microneedling with laser” or “laser-assisted microneedling.”

The procedure involves first performing microneedling to create micro-injuries in the skin, which stimulate collagen production and enhance the skin’s receptiveness to the laser procedure. 

After microneedling, laser therapy is applied to further address specific skin concerns, such as pigmentation irregularities, fine lines, or acne scars.

The combination of microneedling and laser therapy can provide more significant and long-lasting results compared to either one performed alone. 

The two procedures work synergistically to improve skin texture, promote collagen production, and address a broader range of skin issues.

However, as with any cosmetic procedure, it’s crucial to consult with a qualified skincare professional or dermatologist to determine if this combination is suitable for your individual skin type and concerns. 

They will assess your specific needs and create a personalized care plan to help you achieve your desired skin goals safely.


While both microneedling and laser therapy have their merits, microneedling emerges as the superior choice for skin rejuvenation due to its safety, versatility, minimal downtime, and natural collagen-stimulating properties. 

Additionally, its reduced risk of pigmentation issues and customization options make it a preferred choice for individuals seeking transformative results without the risks associated with laser therapy. 

To embark on a journey towards youthful, revitalized skin, consider consulting a qualified skincare professional or dermatologist to determine if microneedling is the best choice for your specific skin concerns. 

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