Is Microneedling in Albuquerque Worth It? 7 Myths and Facts

Last updated: January 2, 2023
Is Microneedling in Albuquerque Worth It 7 Myths and Facts

The idea of microneedling can be daunting, especially for those who are afraid of injections and needles. The truth is, microneedling in Albuquerque is a safe and easy procedure that continuously evolved over time with research and innovation!

There are of course limitations to the practice of microneedling which is why it must be done by a skilled clinician at a trusted clinic. It is always important to seek consultation at an experienced clinic prior to undergoing any procedure, and microneedling is not an exception.

But then, to clear out misconceptions about this decades-old practice, here are a few points to remember about microneedling and why you should try it out!

Myth 1: Microneedling is limited to anti-aging

Fact:  Microneedling not just works on aging skin. It also reduces wrinkles, and fine lines, and may even treat pimple scars and hair loss!

Microneedling works around the concept of introducing controlled injury to the skin to promote collagen production. Through this, it encourages smoother skin by harnessing the skin’s own ability to heal and regenerate. 

It can also reduce the effects brought about by sun damage, specifically hyperpigmentation and age spots. Adding to that, it helps shrink pores by making them appear smaller due to the stimulation of the skin surrounding your pores.

Moreover, microneedling can even enhance the absorption of topical products. The micropores enable the delivery of creams, serums, and gels deep into the dermis when applied regularly.
Transdermal drug administration is also feasible through microneedle delivery systems. The types of microneedles used for this specific purpose can be solid, coated, hollow, or dissolving. The solid-coated microneedles are used to pierce superficial skin, subsequently followed by topical application of the drug. The dissolvable and hollow needles are the ones used to deliver the drug directly to the dermis.

Myth 2: Microneedling in Albuquerque can be done at home

Fact: Even though microneedles can come in the form of derma pens, it is definitely not advisable to do it at home.

Microneedling is considered a medical procedure. And when it comes to medical procedures, only those with skilled hands produce the best results. 

Aside from that, our homes can harbor a lot of germs, viruses, and bacteria since it is not sterile and isn’t designed or suited for medical procedures. Even with constant efforts to keep our homes clean, we can never fully disinfect our homes.

Thus, despite being minimally invasive, microneedling is still best done in a sterile environment. A skilled professional is also very vital to ensure that microneedling is done properly, using the right needle length for your skin’s specific needs.

A relaxed, clean, and sterile environment coupled with an experienced, skilled clinician is essential for microneedling success. Trying to save time and money on using derma rollers instead of having microneedling at the clinic just might be a formula for disaster.

Myth 3: Microneedling is painful, too invasive, and unsafe

Fact: Microneedling is a painless, safe, and minimally invasive procedure. 

Do you know that there are different needle needs for different indications? For example, on patients who want their scars and acne treated, a needle length of 1.5-2mm is used. For patients who want to address aging skin and wrinkles, a needle of 0.5-1.0mm is usually recommended. 

Prior to the procedure, a numbing cream is applied to the surface area of concern to ensure that the procedure is painless. Microneedling is overall painless when the needle used is only up to 0.5mm long. However, for longer needles, the perception of pain increases as well. The pain is also dependent on the thickness of the skin’s epidermis and dermis.

Myth 4: Microneedling causes scar formation

Fact: One of the indications for microneedling is scars – acne or even post-surgical scars!

Several studies were conducted to evaluate the use of microneedling on post-acne facial atrophic scars. It even went to the extent of evaluating how it performs in combination with chemical peels, platelet-rich plasma treatments, subcision, and cryotherapy.

Microneedling in Albuquerque was noted to be very effective on rolling and boxcar types of scars, and less effective on ice-pick scars. It must be skillfully done only in the area that needs treatment to avoid other complications.

There is very minimal risk for irregular skin discoloration following acne scar treatment with microneedling. However, for significant improvement to be noted, a minimum of 4-6 sessions may be necessary unlike microneedling done for wrinkles and aging skin.

Post-surgical scars can also benefit highly from microneedling. Adding to that, microneedling has also been found to be effective in reducing burn scars by up to 80% within a year. Varicella scars and posttraumatic scars can also benefit from microneedling.

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Myth 5: Microneedling in Albuquerque takes longer downtime

Fact: Unlike laser treatments, recovery from a microneedling procedure only takes 24 hours and may extend up to 48 or 72 hours depending on the area treated.

Microneedling in Albuquerque

Because it is painless and minimally invasive, microneedling doesn’t really require active downtime. However, because of the aftereffects of the procedure (e.g., redness, slight swelling, and sensitivity), it may be sound to suggest not to immediately go outdoors or resume work right after your appointment.

For this reason, it is highly suggested to have your microneedling appointments on weekends. A little rest overnight may just be enough for your skin to partly heal and you can resume work again!

Myth 6: You can only do microneedling on the face

Fact: Microneedling can be done on different body areas, with results lasting for three to six months.

Previous studies showed enormous success rates on microneedling for a variety of scars. Thus, microneedling can be done even on other body areas. 

For example, it can also be used to reduce stretch marks on the abdominal area! This is especially good news for women who have just given birth.

Moreover, microneedling results are proven to last for about three to five months. This is dependent on the condition being treated, and the skin’s collagen supply.

To make your procedure results durable, never forget to apply sunscreen on areas treated. A healthy lifestyle is also vital in ensuring collagen health, so be careful with the food you eat!

Myth 7: Microneedling should be done several times to see the difference

Fact: Healing from microneedling occurs overnight, and people can start seeing results even as early as one week after the first microneedling session.

Microneedling in Albuquerque produces subtle results that evolve over days and weeks as new skin resurfaces. Contrary to popular belief, initial results can already be noted after a week: this includes improved skin tone, reduced acne, and improved skin texture.

Two to three sessions spaced four weeks apart is more than enough to kickstart your journey to smoother, younger skin.

As a matter of fact, one or two treatments are also enough for younger people due to the body’s high cellular turnover rate! The same may not be true for the aging population though, they may require more sessions and more treatments. Also, peeling occurs on the 3rd to 5th day following treatment, so don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated and your skin moisturized. 

For optimal results and maximum scar reduction, expect a longer turnover time that may take three to six weeks following the first procedure. Touch-ups for maintenance purposes may also be done four to six weeks after the last session.

Microneedling in Albuquerque is the speedy way to noticeably smooth skin. Give us a call, now!

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