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Now Offering Prolotherapy And Ozone Joint Injections for Knees, Shoulders, Hips and Small Joints.
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Prolotherapy Joint Injections

Our Joint Injections, known as “proliferative” or “Prolo” Therapy, simply put are regenerative injection therapy. Our bodies naturally try and heal and repair after an injury, but this is only after the initial injury. Prolo injections irritate the area, causing an inflammatory response. Don’t worry, this is what we want to happen. We are stimulating your body to heal itself!

Almost everyone who suffers low back pain, osteoarthritis, tendinopathy, or any other joint pain has heard of “steroid injections”. Steriods are great at reducing inflammation, but unfortunately, repeated use over time has several negative and unwanted side effects like a weakened immune system, and can actually break down joints over time.

Prolotherapy can also include Ozone! Ozone is oxygen with an additional molecule! This super oxygenated oxygen compliments Prolotherapy by helping disperse the injected solution throughout the targeted area, and gets oxygen directly to the site! Ozone is not usually a requirement for injections, but with all the added benefit, who could say no?

Absolute contraindications to prolotherapy are few and include acute infections such as cellulitis, local abscess or septic arthritis. Relative contraindications include acute gouty arthritis and acute fracture.

Prolotherapy per Joint/Area ~ $249

  • Ozone ~ $60
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