NAD+ for Energy and Age-Related Health Conditions. NAD+ is a small molecule that is found in every single one of your cells. It acts as a coenzyme and facilitates many biological processes within the body. This includes the repair of damaged DNA, energy production and metabolism, and various immune functions. Adequate NAD+ levels are important for the optimal functioning of the mitochondria, which are the energy powerhouse of the cell. Optimal NAD+ levels have been demonstrated to be beneficial in preventing and in addressing a variety of different chronic and age-related diseases.

The doses below are not guaranteed. NAD+ creates such massive change in many people that the infusion has to be slowed down dramatically. When this happens we guarantee a 2hour or 4hour infusion. Due to time constraints, we can’t go beyond the allotted time. Typically consecutive 5+ daily infusions are recommended. We recommend a minimum of three infusions to assess response. Click here to visit our blog section for more information.


Peptides are like proteins, but smaller. The formal definition is “two or more amino acids linked in a chain”. The lines are a little blurry, but peptides are typically 2-49 linked amino acids and proteins are 50+. Insulin is a peptide hormone and the first peptide developed/discovered.

Currently the most popular uses of peptides are to stimulate collagen production, sleep, anti-aging properties, muscle growth, immune support, and neurologic support.

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