Fat Burner Injection


Lipostat/MIC consists of Methionine, Inositol, and Choline. Methionine is a lipotropic amino acid…meaning it helps catalayze the break down of fat. It helps to reduce fat, lower cholesterol and it is a great antioxidant. Inositol increases insulin sensitivity leading to weight loss and increased fertility in PCOS sufferers. Inositol can also decrease anxiety and alleviate mild-moderate depression. Choline is a “vitamin-like” essential nutrient. It plays an important role in lipid (fat) metabolism and aids in fighting against fat deposits…especially in the liver. Add B12 to your injection for an energy boost.

  • 2CC $25
  • 3CC $27

FREQUENCY: For best results start with an injection 2-3times weekly at first then space out to weekly.

Combine with high-dose B12 to add an energy boost at no additional cost.

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