ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – It’s wedding season, and you must be one of those brides-to-be. Are you almost done with the preparations? Have you thought about your glow and grow regime before the big day?

What could make your skin glow and your hair grow healthier? Check the tips below. Find out how infusions can work magic on your skin and hair. Let’s also look at the science on how GSH, Vitamin B-Complex, biotin, and Vitamin C stimulate skin and hair growth.

  • What harms your skin and hair
  • How to keep your glow
  • How to grow your hair
  • How “Glow and Grow” infusions work for your skin and hair

What Harms Your Skin and Hair

The skin is the largest organ of the body. As the body’s first defense, it protects against harmful elements in the environment. Moreover, it regulates your temperature and allows you to sense through touch. 

Your skin doesn’t always stay flawless, glowing, and youthful-looking. At one point, you may experience skin damage and wrinkles. Aging is a normal process we all go through, which we can only slow down. But there are five common causes of unhealthy skin, which you can manage.

  1. Sun exposure
  2. Poor nutrition 
  3. Excess sugar intake
  4. Stress 
  5. Lack of sleep

Hair is made of keratin, a tough protein which makes it strong. In addition, it helps regulate temperature as it keeps your head warm by  conserving heat.

Your hair, like your skin, can become unhealthy. Some symptoms include excessive hair fall, dryness, brittleness, split ends, and lack of elasticity and volume. Aging, too, affects the quality and quantity of hair. But there are other causes of unhealthy hair, which you can manage, like skin problems. The most common reasons are the following:

  1. Exposure to heat
  2. Poor nutrition
  3. Stress
  4. Rough handling or incorrect combing
  5. Excess treatments and hair chemicals

There are common causes of damaged skin and hair than you notice. You need proper upkeep and nurturing to bring back the glow and growth of your skin and hair.  

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How To Keep Your Glow

Now that you know what causes dull skin, here are five tips for glowing skin. You can incorporate these simple actions into your daily skin routine.

  1. Moisturize

Moisturizers lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated. The American Academy of Dermatology Association (AADA) suggests ways to prevent itching and dryness. It includes taking quick baths of 10 minutes daily. You can use fragrance-free and mild soap and refrain from using scrubs. Then put on a moisturizer, lotion, or cream after drying off.

  1. Eat Good Foods

A healthy diet is a must to retain the integrity of the skin. For example, research shows lycopene protects the skin from harmful UV rays. At the same time, green tea rejuvenates skin with polyphenol content.

  1. Ditch the Sugar, Alcohol, and Smoking

Sugar can make your skin look older as it breaks down elastin and collagen. So you can reduce your intake of sugar. Moreover, if you are smoking, quit. A study shows it ages skin as it cuts blood flow to the skin, restricting oxygen and nutrients. Finally, cut down alcohol intake, which increases your risk of skin cancer.

  1. Manage Your Stress

Some people notice acne breakouts before an event. A study shows highly stressed people often experience skin problems. It includes itchy and scaly skin and hair loss. One way that you can manage stress is by meditating or connecting with family and friends.

  1. Get That Beauty Sleep

Sleep prevents those eye bags or dark circles under your eyes. According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily works well. Ample rest gives time for your skin to repair itself. Unfortunately, lack of sleep can also result in weight gain. And that won’t help you fit in your wedding dress. 

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How To Grow Your Hair

What works for the skin also works for your hair. Eating a balanced diet gives what the hair needs like fish, eggs, and nuts. 

In addition, avoid the stress that causes hair follicles to rest, resulting in zero hair regrowth. Thus, try to manage your stress levels and get enough sleep.

Here are five more quick tips suggested by hair experts for growing your luscious locks..

  1. Use shampoo and conditioner specifically for your hair type. Different hair care products provide the proper formulation for your hair and scalp. 
  2. Shampoo and conditioner work in tandem. You concentrate more on shampooing your scalp than the tips. In contrast, focus more on conditioning the tips of your hair than the scalp.
  3. Hot water can wash off natural oils and cause breakage. In contrast, cold or lukewarm water strengthens your hair threads as it seals in the cuticles. 
  4. Be cautious of hair treatments. For example, a study shows that hair straightening methods damage the hair shaft, irritate the scalp, and cause hair loss. Other studies have similar findings that chemical treatments induce excess hair fall.
  5. Try to be gentle with your hair. Don’t use tight bands to tie your hair as it can cause breakage. Unknot tangles first before gently brushing your hair.

How “Glow and Grow” Infusions Work for Your Skin and Hair

Aging affects the quality of your skin and hair. Wrinkling skin and whitening hair are the most common signs of advancing age. The melanocytes or cells containing pigment decrease, making the skin thinner and paler. 

Oftentimes, age spots appear, especially if you’re exposed to the sun. Moreover, your skin loses elasticity and becomes dry as less oil is produced. 

At the same time, your crowning glory turns gray to white when your hair follicles produce less melanin which gives hair its color. 

In addition, the thickness of hair strands becomes smaller, or they stop growing new ones. Thus, most people experience excessive hair loss. GSH, Vitamin B-Complex, biotin, and Vitamin C benefit your skin and hair.

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It targets your aging or damaged cells. GSH is a natural antioxidant that protects the skin from oxidative stress, which increases with age. It rids the body of free radicals that causes cell damage. 

GSH slows the aging process and prevents the formation of wrinkles. More studies, though, need to ascertain this claim.

At the same time, aging decreases the ability of cells to regrow. A study shows oxidative stress may cause excess hair fall. GSH as an antioxidant combats oxidative stress and thus stimulates hair growth. 

In addition, it prolongs the life of the hair and prevents excessive hair loss. As you age, GSH levels also decrease, so it needs to be replenished.

Vitamin B-Complex and Biotin

B-complex vitamins work by helping your red blood cells carry oxygen to your hair follicles which leads to new hair growth.

A deficiency of vitamin B has been linked to hair loss based on a study. Thus, medical practitioners specifically recommend biotin or vitamin B7 for healthy hair. It increases hair follicle growth as it stimulates keratin production. You can expect results in about 90 days, according to the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology.

Vitamin C

It stimulates collagen production, which holds the hair to your scalp. As a result, it improves hair growth and prevents hair loss. In addition, vitamin C strengthens your hair strands and prevents them from graying.

Known as an antioxidant, vitamin C helps protect the hair from the damaging effects of oxidative stress. So, it doesn’t only benefit your hair, but your skin, too. It helps slow down signs of aging like dryness and wrinkles.


Your preparation before the wedding might include the glow and grow regimen. Keep your skin glowing and your hair growing with practical tips you can do every day. 

Based on science, oral, topical, and infusions of GSH, Vitamin B-Complex, biotin, and Vitamin C also do wonders for you. What better wedding shower gift can a bride-to-be ask for?

If your wedding is just around the corner, schedule a FREE health and beauty consult today.

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