Have you seen those food sensitivity tests that are advertised online or Facebook?

Have you heard that Food Sensitivity Tests are “useless”? Understanding those tests and why they are probably useless is very important. Those tests ONLY measure an immune reaction related to IgG. Unfortunately this limited testing, results in ALOT of false positives. You are therefore faced with a long list of foods to avoid and most are not causing you any problems. In this podcast, Joel Evans, MD discusses why 

“complement” is so important in a food sensitivity test. This testing eliminates the false negatives that make typical testing “useless”. Listen to the podcast to learn more. https://www.mygenefood.com/podcast/10-the-future-of-food-sensitivity-testing-curing-ibs-rethinking-gluten-free-diets-and-the-genetics-of-coffee-metabolism-with-dr-joel-evans-m-d/