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COVID-19: How We Are Supporting our Patients


To our community, thank you for following guidance from local officials and practicing social distancing. Together, we can protect our neighbors and flatten the curve.

As an essential service provider, The Injection and Infusion Clinic of ABQ will remain open and operate under fairly normal business hours. Patients will still have access to ketamine and nutrient infusion sessions. As always, safety is our number one priority.

During your next visit, you will notice a few updates to our clinic.

  • We have locked our door to reduce traffic. Please ring the doorbell upon your arrival, and we will promptly greet you.

  • Effectively immediately, we can no longer have patients in the waiting room. For patients who are accompanied, your guest(s) must wait in the car. We will walk you out when your infusion is finished for the infusions that require rides.

  • We still welcome walk-ins for injections. We will direct you to a designated area outside of our office.

  • We have added a HEPA filtration device to our waiting room.

  • Following the recommendation of remaining six feet apart, all infusions are unaccompanied and we have spaced out our infusion chairs.

  • We will screen all patients for COVID-19 symptoms before entering the office. If you have been advised to self-quarantine, please follow the guidance of health officials.

  • Our staff may be wearing masks and yellow gowns. This is not a sign of illness. This is for their protection and yours.

How can you help?

  • Wash your hands. We require this of everyone entering our practice, but this is of course, generally encouraged.

  • If you’d like a blanket during your infusion, please bring one from home. This is temporary, and we look forward to providing blankets again soon.

How are you feeling?

It’s difficult to step away from news coverage on the coronavirus. We understand. We also want to remind you that it’s natural to feel anxiety or stress. We’re here to help by providing ways to manage these feelings.

  • Control your environment

It is important to stay updated, but limit yourself.For instance, only allow yourself to check the news once daily or maybe morning and night.

  • Stay active
    Exercise is beneficial for your physical and mental health.

  • Avoid substance abuse
    Drugs and alcohol only provide temporary relief.

  • Limit caffeine intake
    Symptoms like nervousness may be worsened.

  • Get plenty of sleep
    Avoid caffeine and heavy meals before bed.

  • Meditate
    Focus on something calm and serene.

  • Choose healthy food options
    If certain foods increase your anxiety, make a change.

  • Practice deep breathing
    Focus on inhaling and exhaling, evenly and deeply.

  • Find healthy distractions
    Enjoy lunch outside or take an extended walk during a break.

Other suggestions include practicing self-care, cleaning and organizing, and taking natural supplements like CBD and lavender.

We look forward to serving you during this time. If you need an infusion, you can call 505.445.4300 or schedule online.

We can ship CBD oil to you and lavender can be ordered online at Fullscript

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