Looking good starts with a healthy inside. But sometimes the surface needs a boost too. That is why we offer microneedling and some topical products. Most of our staff has tried out our services and products. Ask them what they think.



Microneedling improves skin texture firmness and hydration. The process promotes the production of collagen.

This collagen reduces fine lines, pigmentation, and pore size. It decreases the appearance of scars including acne scars and stretch marks. The skin appears revitalized and glowing.

After your session, you will only experience mild redness and your skin will appear “tight”. It looks like you got a mild sunburn and this lasts for about 24hours. Most people go about their day normally. We recommend you avoid strenuous workouts after your session.

We recommend adding GHK-Cu peptide to your session. A bottle costs $59.95. We will apply it during your session, then you take the bottle home.
GHK-Cu is a tripeptide produced by the body but its levels are known to decline with age. It can reduce wrinkles, make the skin more firm, promote wound healing and hair growth. It can also decrease skin hyperpigmentations and protect your skin from UV rays.

GHK-Cu can readily penetrate the outer layer of the skin and its safety profile in sunscreens, facial creams, serums and anti-wrinkle formulations has been well-established. It can also be used after dermatologic procedures like microneedling for even more effects.

GHK stands for the amino acids glycine, histidine, and lysine with a copper complex. It stimulates the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans, collagen, and other extracellular matrix molecules involved in tissue remodeling and healing.

You can book a package of 3 or more for 10% off. Just schedule your first session and let us know.
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Peptides for Skin and Hair

Peptides are chains of amino acids. They are like proteins, but much, much smaller. Peptides are cutting edge science and a big focus of the “anti-aging” and “biohacker” communities.

They come in many forms including oral, topical and injections. Skin peptides focus on collagen building, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. One peptide combo even has a botox-like effect. While there are many products available, we have focused on the most effective.
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Skin Renewed Package

Our skin renewed package is an eighteen week program that revitalizes your skin.
The package includes:

  • 3 Microneedling sessions with GHK-Cu 4-6weeks apart.
  • 3 30ml bottles of GHK-Cu peptide topical
  • Glutathione 1000mg Infusion x 9 every 2 weeks

Price: $1,199 ($219.85 discount)

Microneedling promotes collagen production, decreases pores and evens skin tone. Our microneedling process uses the cutting edge peptide GHK-Cu for results that outperform the popular Vampire facial ®. You receive a take home GHK-Cu with each session. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that evens skin tone and makes the skin glow.

After you complete your Skin Renewed package, we recommend on-going daily use of GHK-Cu, a monthly infusion of glutathione and a microneedling session every six months.

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Prolotherapy Joint Injections

Our Joint Injections, known as “proliferative” or “Prolo” Therapy, simply put are regenerative injection therapy. Our bodies naturally try and heal and repair after an injury, but this is only after the initial injury. Prolo injections irritate the area, causing an inflammatory response. Don’t worry, this is what we want to happen. We are stimulating your body to heal itself!

Almost everyone who suffers low back pain, osteoarthritis, tendinopathy, or any other joint pain has heard of “steroid injections”. Steriods are great at reducing inflammation, but unfortunately, repeated use over time has several negative and unwanted side effects like a weakened immune system, and can actually break down joints over time.

Prolotherapy can also include Ozone! Ozone is oxygen with an additional molecule! This super oxygenated oxygen compliments Prolotherapy by helping disperse the injected solution throughout the targeted area, and gets oxygen directly to the site! Ozone is not usually a requirement for injections, but with all the added benefit, who could say no?

Absolute contraindications to prolotherapy are few and include acute infections such as cellulitis, local abscess or septic arthritis. Relative contraindications include acute gouty arthritis and acute fracture.
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Hormone Pellets

Our hormone pellet program is customized to your needs. Our pellets are yam based and meet the highest standards available. We offer testosterone, anastrazole, estradiol and progesterone pellets in a variety of doses.
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Get started by meeting with our nurse practitioner to evaluate whether hormone replacement / pellets might be a good fit for you.
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